Bryant Street in Early 20th Century

Unfinished History

Streetcar-tracks-construction-at-24th-and-Bryant-looking-south-to-Bernal Feb-4-1913 U03873.jpg

Streetcar tracks under construction at 24th and Bryant, looking south with Bernal Heights in distance, February 4, 1913.

Photo: SFMTA Photo U03873

Bryant-and-19th-south Jan-22-1916 U05053.jpg

Bryant and 19th Streets, looking south, January 22, 1916.

Photo: SFMTA Photo U05053

Bryant-and-23rd-north Jan-14-1916 U05043.jpg

Bryant and 23rd Streets, looking north, Jan. 14, 1916, less than a year before the violent 1917 strike broke out.

Photo: SFMTA Photo U05043

Bryant-at-22nd-northerly-March-14-1916 U05158.jpg

Bryant at 22nd, looking north, March 14, 1916.

Photo: SFMTA Photo U05158

Bryant-north-near-Alameda-April-1917 U05732.jpg

Bryant Street northerly near Alameda Street, April 1917.

Photo: SFMTA Photo U05732

Bryant-at-20th-north March-13-1918 U06051.jpg

Looking north on Bryant at 20th, March 13, 1918.

Photo: SFMTA Photo U06051

Bryant-and-21st-southerly July-19-1919 U06600.jpg

Bryant and 21st, looking in a southerly direction, July 19, 1919.

Photo: SFMTA Photo U06600

Bryant-and-11th-looking-south-Aug-6-1919 U06627.jpg

Bryant and 11th Streets, looking south, August 6, 1919.

Photo: SFMTA Photo U06627

Bryant-and-Alameda-powerhouse-from-roof-of-Rainier-Brewing-Company-Jan-1920 U06869.jpg

View of powerhouse at Bryant and Alameda from the roof of Rainier Brewing Company, January 1920.

Photo: SFMTA Photo U06869

View from Rainier Brewery c 1935 Bryant and Alameda, Bryant Street Powerhouse wnp32.0110.jpg

View north from top of Rainier Brewery, c. 1935, Bryant Street powerhouse at Alameda and Bryant at lower right.

Photo: wnp32.0110

Bryant near Division looking south on Bryant 1941 wnp67.0481.jpg

Bryant near Division, looking south, 1941.

Photo: wnp67.0481