Islais Creek wetlands

"I was there..."

Wnp36.00854 Islais Creek near Kentucky.jpg

Islais Creek wetlands, once home to many kinds of fish and a favorite place to play and fish for the kids on Bernal Heights. This bridge across Islais Creek is located near Kentucky Street (now 3rd Street), August 23, 1915.

photo: OpenSFHistory / wnp36.00854.jpg

Wnp36.00730 Islais Creek San Bruno near Cortland.jpg

Former Wetlands of Islais Creek seen from Bernal Heights, San Bruno Avenue near Cortland, March 4, 1915

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3rd-Street-Bridge-over-Islais-Creek I0049943A.jpg

The 3rd Street Bridge over Islais Creek, c. 1920s.

Photo: Online Archive of California

March 14 1915 Islais Creek E from Hill dpwbook11 dpw2272 looking north to Potrero Hill wnp36.00729.jpg

Islais Creek east from Bernal Hill, looking north to Potrero Hill.

Photo: wnp36.00729; DPW Book 11, DPW 2272

Wnp36.01165 Islais Creek South from trestle after flood.jpg

January 25, 1916 view of Islais Creek wetlands following a flood. Location is east of Bernal Heights looking south from the railroad trestle seen in above photo.

photo: OpenSFHistory / wnp36.01165.jpg


The Old Clam House at Bayshore Blvd. and Oakdale Ave., in place at the edge of the wetlands since the 1860s.

photo: Chris Carlsson

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Lifelong Bernal resident George Williams used to beg for bait at the Old Clam House when he played in the swamps as a kid.

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