Jewett Family at the Panama Pacific Exposition

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The Jewett family of America, pioneers of the country and pioneers in practically every State of the Union, met in annual convention yesterday at the Massachusetts building at the Exposition. There were present sixty or more delegates from the East, while every State was represented and there were many from California in attendance.

The reunion was opened with a reception at 10 o'clock in the morning. Then followed a very handsomely appointed luncheon, following which there was an enjoyable program of speeches and music.

Professor Algernon Jewett of Harvard University, the president, gave an interesting address, reviewing the history of the Jewett family and telling briefly of the organizations composed of grandchildren and great grandchildren of the distinguished Jewett tribe, such organizations now existing in thirty-six States of the Union, as well as in Canada and Cuba. A.S. Jewett, vice president, of Kansas, also gave an interesting address.

Miss Fidelia Jewett of San Francisco read a paper on "The Early Jewett Pioneers of California," telling how they were lured here by the discovery of gold and how they had aided in the upbuilding of the State. A paper sent on from Virginia told of the literary and philanthropic work of members of the family.

Annual gatherings have been held by the Jewetts for more than twenty years, but this is the first time such a reunion has been held in California. Most of the reunions have been in New York or Massachusetts.

Text taken from July 29th, 1915 article, which is displayed below.

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Images: Provided by Jewett family member Barbara Webster

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Image: Provided by Jewett family member Barbara Webster

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Image: Provided by Jewett family member Barbara Webster