Lake Merced 100 years ago

Unfinished History


Lake Merced, c. 1895, with fresh water flume under construction.

Photo: Shaping San Francisco


Lake Merced and Laguna Puerca with the Ocean View racetrack and surrounding farms. In this "bird's-eye view" from 1868 the artist shows the lake draining to the ocean, and small farms sprouting in the surrounding area.

Image: George H. Goddard, Library of Congress


1872 map of Lake Merced showing the Ocean House Race Course and Lake House, which is at the juncture of Lake Merced and the East-West road.

map: Private Collection, San Francisco, CA


Lake House in 1870.

Photo: Private Collection, San Francisco, CA


Lake Merced in undeveloped landscape, far from nearby roads, c. 1900s.

Photo: Private Collection, San Francisco, CA


Car selling photo at Lake Merced, 1921.

Photo: Private Collection, San Francisco, CA


Skyline Boulevard north at Great Highway. Lake Merced at right, Fleishhacker Zoo at left, Sunset district straight ahead, March 15, 1937.

Photo: SFDPW, courtesy C.R. collection

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