Liberty Hill from Twin Peaks

Unfinished History


Top: March 5, 1955; Bottom: July 6, 2009.

1955 photo: Charles Cushman Collection: Indiana University Archives (P07659)

2009 photo: Chris Carlsson

Looking down from Twin Peaks on the west slope of Liberty Hill, curve of 20th Street at left of hill, Liberty Street staircase, then 21st Street and Hill Street heading straight up to the top. Just beyond sight at 21st and Sanchez sits former Mayor "Sunny Jim" Rolph's Pleasure Palace. At mid-right of lower photo the higher peak is at 22nd and Collingwood. The next two photos are close 1920s views of Collingwood.

Collingwood and 21st c 1920s AAB-3382.jpg

Collingwood at 21st, going up to 22nd at the top of the street, c. 1920s.

Photo: San Francisco History Center, SF Public Library

South-up-Collingwood 20140613 163712.jpg

Collingwood at 21st, south up to 22nd, 2014.

Photo: Chris Carlsson


Collingwood and 21st, looking north towards the eastern edge of Corona Heights in the 1920s when it still harbored the Gray Brothers quarry there.

Photo: C. R. collection

North-down-Collingwood 20140613 163735.jpg

Looking north down Collingwood from 21st, 2014.

Photo: Chris Carlsson

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