MacArthur Meadow

Unfinished History

Macarthur-meadow-2 c 1866 view of Tennessee Hollow watershed.jpg

1866 northerly view of Tennessee Hollow watershed, with MacArthur Meadow in middle distance.

Photo: National Park Service

Macarthur-meadow-3 c 1914 Bancroft.jpg

MacArthur Meadow, c. 1914.

Photo: Bancroft Library

Macarthur-meadow-5 c 1976 SFC.jpg

Stone bridge at foot of Lover's Lane where it crosses MacArthur Meadow, c. 1976.

Photo: San Francisco Chronicle

Macarthur-meadow-7 dec 10 2016 photo by Featherweight.jpg

MacArthur Meadow full of volunteer restorationists, Dec. 10, 2016.

Photo: Featherweight

MacArthur-Meadow-March-2019 20190312 173400.jpg

MacArthur Meadow, looking westerly, March 2019, during a very wet year.

Photo: Chris Carlsson

MacArthur-Meadow-March-2019 20190312 173424.jpg

Another March 2019 view of MacArthur Meadow from bridge running over middle.

Photo: Chris Carlsson

New-bridge-over-MacArthur-Meadow 20190312 173511.jpg

New park service wooden walkway connects to old 1860s stone bridge on MacArthur Meadow.

Photo: Chris Carlsson

Tennessee-Hollow-and-MacArthur-Meadow-map 20190312 173436.jpg

MacArthur-Meadow-explanatory-signage 20190312 173444.jpg

Photos: Chris Carlsson