McLaren Park views

Unfinished History


1930s gaze north from McLaren Park to Glen Canyon, Excelsior District in foreground, Twin Peaks at upper right.

Photo: Private Collection, San Francisco, CA


Looking westward from McLaren Park, 1997

Photo: Chris Carlsson

Little Boxes, a song by the great songstress Malvina Reynolds, composed "in honor" of the box-like homes crisscrossing the slopes of San Bruno Mountain, visible in most of these photos.


Looking southwesterly, Daly City homes crisscross slopes beneath San Bruno County park.

Photo: Chris Carlsson


Continuing to a westward view from same spot in McLaren Park, 2007.

Photo: Chris Carlsson


Looking across Excelsior district and beyond to OMI/Ingleside.

Photo: Chris Carlsson


View to northwest, Mt. Davidson at left, dense forest pouring out of Glen Canyon in center.

Photo: Chris Carlsson


View north/northeast towards Bernal Heights with downtown and Bay Bridge in background.

Photo: Chris Carlsson

March 1 1926 McLaren Park (originally called Mission Park) looking north toward Glen Park; Fairmount Heights to the left, Holly Park and Bernal Heights at right wnp14.0077.jpg

March 1, 1926: View from McLaren Park (originally called Mission Park), looking north toward Glen Park, Fairmount Heights at left, Holly Park and Bernal Heights at right.

Photo: wnp14.0077

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