Parade Grounds

Unfinished History


Presidio parade grounds circa 1917.

Photo: Private Collection, San Francisco, CA

Presidio Environmental restoration as urban renewal. Photographs of the Presidio parade grounds in 1917 and 1996.


The Presidio parade grounds in 1996.

Photo: Carla Lazer

Analysis of new (mid-2000s) plans for Presidio's Historic Parade Ground. Most recently Don Fisher, owner of The Gap, has sought permission to build a museum to house his extensive collection of modern art.

Presidio Trust overview of parade ground plans (pdf)

3rd-Co-USTC-Presidio-Nov-14-1917 300dpi.jpg

3rd Company, USTC, at the Presidio, Nov. 14, 1917.

Photo: Shaping San Francisco


U.S. troops stage mock battle, c. 1876. Troops from the Presidio were used to subdue natives in northeastern California not long before this exercise.

Photo: Private Collection

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