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Warm Water Cove

Unfinished History


Warm Water Cove at the end of 25th Street on the bay, just south of the Potrero Hill power plant was for a long time a sewage outlet, enjoying a decade as the "toxic golf course" when local punks and other underground culture vultures would hit golf balls into the bay from its abandoned shoreline. Now the park has undergone a facelift, a native plant garden has been started...

Photo: Chris Carlsson

Pelicans-and-coots-off-warm-water-cove-2013 1663.jpg

Pelicans and coots feeding on herring off warm water cove, January 2013.

Photo: Chris Carlsson


...and to many artists' chagrin, the city government and local property owners organized a painting party to obliterate the remarkable graffiti gallery that had developed on surrounding walls over a ten year period.

Muni graffiti warm water cove.jpg

Abandoned and graffittied MUNI streetcars litter the docks adjacent to Warm Water Cove.

Photo: Chris Carlsson

Warm-water-cove-north 1654.jpg

After several years of effort to remove graffiti, and the final removal of the old Muni streetcars, the scene across warm water cove is a bit tidier in this January 2013 view.

Photo: Chris Carlsson


At the end of 25th Street is Warm Water Cove, aka Tire Beach, aka Toxic Beach.

Photo: Chris Carlsson

Warm-water-cove-sewer-outlet-at-king-tide 1652.jpg

Same view a decade later, during the California King Tide of January 2013.

Photo: Chris Carlsson


Photo: Chris Carlsson


Photo: Chris Carlsson

Dogpatch-Beach 9827.jpg

Dogpatch Beach, or Warm Water Cove Park, at 24th and the Bay, 2012.

Photo: Chris Carlsson

Warm-Water-Cove 20170619 184741.jpg

View easterly from Warm Water Cove park, 2017.

Photo: Chris Carlsson

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