Clayton-Market Switchback

Unfinished History

Caselli-Avenue-Looking-Northwest October-30-1917- U05902.jpg

Market Street switchback at Mono and Caselli and Clayton, October 30, 1917.

Photo: SFMTA, U05902

Market Street Extension, original condition at switchback, Mono and Caselli 1921 AAB-6185.jpg

Market Street switchback at Mono and Caselli and Clayton, 1921.

Photo: San Francisco History Center, SF Public Library


Market and Clayton switchback, c. 1925

Photo: private collector

Market-and-Clayton-switchback-(Market-called-Falcon-until-1927)-c-1920 SFDPW.jpg

Market and Clayton switchback, c. 1920. Market was called Falcon Street at this spot until 1927.

Photo: SFDPW, courtesy C. R. collection

This sharp turn from Clayton to Market was not negotiable by early streetcars so operators would "switch" the backs of the passenger seats at Market Street, thereby "switching" the streetcar in the reverse direction.


May 2010 - Looking down Market Street at Clayton

Photo: Michael Greene, San Francisco, CA


The 33 streetcar maneuvers around a Ford motorcar around 1920.


Electrified buses replace the old streetcars by the late 1930s.


33 MUNI bus on Stanyan near Haight Street, 1930s.

Photo: C. R. collection


33 bus on Stanyan, c. 1955.

Photo: Private Collection



Photo: Chris Carlsson


Upper 18th Street just below Market, c. 1940s.

Photo: C. R. collection


Upper 18th Street looking east towards Hattie (at left), 1926.

Photo: C. R. collection

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