Dolores Park-Manhattanization

Unfinished History

Photographs, taken in 1960, 1994, 2008, 2013, and 2016 showing San Francisco's growing downtown skyline as seen from Dolores Park


Manhattanization on view from Dolores Park, 1960

Photo: Private Collection


Skyline changes seen from Dolores Park, 1994

Photo: David Green

Dolores-park-july-08-manhattan 3385.jpg

Skyline changes seen from Dolores Park, 2008

Photo: Chris Carlsson

Shaping-SF Dolores-Park-Kathleen Yago 2013.jpg

Skyline changes seen from Dolores Park, 2013. A new playground is also visible, renovated in 2012.

Photo: Kathleen Yago

Dolores-Park 20160901 190252.jpg

After further park renovation and more downtown building, a near dusk view in September 2016.

Photo: Chris Carlsson

Church-St-north-at-20th-1920 72dpi.jpg

Church Street north at 20th, 1920.

Photo: C. R. collection

Dolores Park circa 1950 wnp5.51190.jpg

Dolores Park, J-Church heading southbound, c. 1950.

Photo: wnp5.51190


Shaping-SF Dol-Pk 18th-Church-kathleen yago 2013.jpg

Lower photo shows a much more verdant vista from 18th and Church, 2013.

Photo: Kathleen Yago

1876 Dolores Park

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