El Salvador Solidarity 1980s

Unfinished History

Photos of the Emergency Response Network mobilization against Reagan's war in Central America, 1980s.


Emergency Response Network pickets at Federal Building, early 1980s.

Photo: It's About Times newspaper

Kit Miller Contra Coke Kills Kids.jpg

Part of the anti-Contra campaign, opposing U.S. support of military attacks on Nicaragua, early 1980s.

Photo: Kit Miller


This 1983 protest on mid-Market Street was also directed against the U.S. intervention in the Caribbean island of Grenada, as well as its ongoing war in El Salvador.

Photo: It's About Times newspaper


Mounted police bludgeon El Salvador solidarity demonstrators outside of Henry Kissinger appearance at the Hilton Hotel, April 1984.

Photo: It's About Times newspaper

Tax-Day-Anti-Kissinger-Demo-April-1984 San-Francisco Keith-Holmes.jpg

Tax Day/Anti-Kissinger protest face-off with the police, April 1984.

Photo: Keith Holmes


Poster calling for demonstrators to blockade the Concord Naval Weapons Station/Port Chicago in June 1987, at the height of illegal arms shipments to Central America, destined for the military in El Salvador and the contras in Nicaragua.

Art by Bob Thawley


Pacifists prepare for arrest during sit-in at Federal Building in a 1988 Emergency Response Network protest.

Photo: Keith Holmes

El-Salvador-solidarity-march-1988 ERN-Pledge-of-Resistance.jpg

Emergency Response Network 1988 march heads up Haight Street from Divisadero.

Photo: Keith Holmes

Anti-contra-demo-Mission-District-SF-1988 Keith-Holmes.jpg

Anti-"Contra" march through the Mission District, 1988.

Photo: Keith Holmes

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