JFK Drive

Unfinished History

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JFK Drive has been getting even more use than its usual during the Covid-19 pandemic since the eastern half has been open only to pedestrians, joggers, and bicyclists.

Photo: Chris Carlsson, May 2020

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JFK Drive, crowded during the pandemic.

Photo: Chris Carlsson, May 2020

On Sundays, the eastern half of J.F.K. Drive down the center of Golden Gate Park is closed to automobiles and turned over to an amazing multitude of people skating, biking, walking, running, and playing. Walking among the crowd one is treated to a remarkable diversity of languages, subcultures, bodies, etc. An ongoing campaign to close large parts of the park to cars has intermittently made itself felt, but the city's Recreation & Park Dept. has resisted any permanent closure of JFK Drive until the Covid-19 pandemic, and few expect it to remain closed when the crisis has passed.


Sunday Skating on J.F.K. Drive in Golden Gate Park.

Photo: Chris Carlsson


Bicycles were very widely enjoyed during the 1890's in Golden Gate Park and all of San Francisco.

Photo: Private Collection

Lindley-meadow 4560.jpg

Lindley Meadow, off JFK Drive and west of 25th Avenue and Crossover Drive.

Photo: Chris Carlsson

Flag-football-in-lindley-meadow 4564.jpg

Flag football in Lindley Meadow.

Photo: Chris Carlsson

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