Northerly view from Bernal

Unfinished History

View-of-Mission-District-and-James-Rolph-Junior-Playground-and-Baseball-Diamond-from-Peralta-Avenue-Looking-North- July-17-1933 U14122.jpg

Potrero Ave and Army Street, c. 1920s, looking northward from Bernal Heights

Photo: SFMTA U14122

View North on Potrero from Army Street (now Cesar Chavez), before construction of US101 Freeway. Site of Potrero del Sol Park at right Dec 1955 wnp32.2352.jpg

December 1955, dairy at right where La Raza Park is now.

Photo: wnp32.2352

View Northeast from Peralta Street toward US101 Freeway crossing Army (now Cesar Chavez), before Potrero Avenue Interchange Dec 1955 wnp32.2355.jpg

December 1955, Northeast from top of Peralta steps toward US 101 before the Potero Avenue interchange was built (commonly referred to as the "hairball" by bicyclists in the 21st century).

Photo: wnp32.2355'

C1936 View North from Bernal Heights. Harrison Street at center. Precita Park, SF General Hospital, Bay Bridge under construction wnp27.6089.jpg

View north from Bernal Heights. Harrison Street at center.

Photo: wnp27.6089

1938 Looking north from Bernal Heights, with bird flying over skyline wnp27.3301.jpg

1938 view north from Bernal Heights.

Photo: wnp27.3301


View north/northeast from Bernal Heights Blvd.

Top: July 23, 1953; Bottom: July 6, 2009.

Top: Charles Cushman Collection: Indiana University Archives (P06741) Bottom Photo: Chris Carlsson, 2009.

View from Bernal Heights 1973 wnp28.2566.jpg

View north from Bernal Heights, 1973.

Photo: wnp28.2566


Photos: Private Collection and David Green


Mission District 1888—Elevated view northwest from Bernal Heights over the Mission District—St. Luke's Hospital at left, in present location at Valencia and Cesar Chavez—Intersection of Mission and Army (now Cesar Chavez) with a bridge over Precita Creek.

Photo: wnp71.2482

Panoramas taken from Bernal Heights on November 14, 1952

Nov 14 1952 View from Bernal Heights to downtown wnp14.10635.jpg

Photo: wnp14.10635

Nov 14 1952 wnp14.10637.jpg

Photo: wnp14.10637

Nov 14 1952 flipped wnp14.10640.jpg

Photo: wnp14.10640

Nov 14 1952 Seals Stadium and Hamms wnp14.10636.jpg

Seals Stadium is visible in center of final image.

Photo: wnp14.10636

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