Portola Drive Mid-20th Century

Unfinished History


View east on Portola Drive, 1929.

Photo: Courtesy John Pommon


Portola drive widening looking west from Clipper Street, Nov. 7, 1929.

Photo: SFDPW, courtesy C. R. collection

Portola-drive-2014 2914.jpg

Portola Drive west from near Clipper, July 2014, the road having been straightened and widened in the ensuing years.

Photo: Chris Carlsson


Corbett Road (now Portola Drive) looking northeast from near Twin Peaks Blvd., May 10, 1910.

Photo: C. R. collection

Portola-Dr-northeast-near-Twin-Peaks-Blvd-April-16-1930-SFDPW 72dpi.jpg

Portola Drive northeast near Twin Peaks Blvd, April 16, 1930.

Photo: SFDPW, courtesy C. R. collection

Portola-east-near-Twin-Peaks-Blvd 2908.jpg

Nearly the same image, 84 years later.

Photo: Chris Carlsson


Portola Drive below Mt. Davidson, c. 1940

1938 photo of Portola Drive and the Miraloma Market.

Photo: Private Collection


Portola Drive northeast at Teresita Blvd., O'Shaughnessy enters are right, March 13, 1947.

Photo: SFDPT, courtesy C. R.

Portola-and-Teresita-easterly-2014 2907.jpg

Portola at Teresita looking east, O'Shaughnessy just ahead on right, July 2014.

Photo: Chris Carlsson

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